City Commute – Some lateral and borrowed thoughts

This focus of this blog, is to serve as a place for unbridled thinking that supports inventions which would bring more comfort into the lives of humans. From the little education and experience that I have, and the crumbs of information I gathered through my random reading pursuits, I am making this attempt.

I have spent a big part of my life commuting for work in Chennai and I have really focused my mind many times on thinking deeply as to how we could save time for office commuters like me.



I remember seeing a Whats App forward, where roads in a city ran through tall buildings. This can really give a lot of relief for a city struggling for space. We could run the roads through the buildings and use the space saved thereby, for green walking spots. Bus stands could be designed to be aside the car parking lots that normally come at the ground level of the building, which is generally the road level.

Somewhere in China, research was on for a hollow bus. The passengers would sit on the first floor of the bus, while the bottom would be hollow. Bus stops would be designed such that people can board the bus at the first floor level. Vehicles could run through the pillars that held the wheels of the bus and this way, buses stopping at bus stops will not lead to a traffic congestion.

Concepts like these should be implemented on war footing.

We have huge stations built for our Mass Rapid Trasit Systems. The plan was to probably use the space for shopping centres within the station premises. But that concept did not take off in any of the stations. We could utilize this space as work centres for IT companies who dominate the OMR. Security aspects could be debated and sorted out, but otherwise, so much of commuting time can be crunched down, by this move.

A lot of happy citizens who travel less and spend more time with their families will transform the city into a happy one.





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